Morning Coffee – 30 January 2023

by Nate Hoffelder

After a decade of running The Digital Reader, Nate is a veteran web publisher with experience in design, maintenance, recovery, and troubleshooting. What little he doesn't know, he can learn.

February 5, 2023

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

  • Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett has a good argument for weeding your bookshelves.  I accidentally went the Mari Kondo route a couple years ago, and I agree with a lot of what she wrote.
  • Draft2Digital will soon make several Smashwords tools available to D2D authors.
  • Jonathan Bailey has a great summary of the piracy lawsuits filed against AI startups.
  • Amazon’s new ebook return policy is expected to go into effect by the end of January.
  • Did you know there’s a secret society of people who seek out long-forgotten classics so they can be republished?
  • Jonathan Bailey’s post on the Zazzle font piracy lawsuit includes a really good summary of the peculiarities of font copyrights.
  • I recently updated my post on how to respond if your ebook is pirated. Before you ask, I know there’s no specific mention of what to do if your book is plagiarized by AI; I don’t have an answer for that yet.

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