The Swag Bag

Are you an organizer for an author event who would like to have a swag bag but have no way to organize one?

Are you a freelancer or service provider who would like to contribute to swag bags at author events but lack opportunities to do so?

This project is the solution to your problem.

How It Works

The Swag Bag Project is designed for smaller author events such as book signings and book festivals. These events usually lack the resources to organize their own swag bag, so we step in to provide a bag consisting of flyers, bookmarks, and swag from service providers such as Bookbaby and Wattpad.  We collect the material, sort it into individual bags, and assist in distributing it to authors.


Service providers send us their flyers, bookmarks, and swag (The same goes for the event organizers).


We collect the material, and sort it into swag bags that have been branded with the event’s (or a sponsor’s) logo. (We can also help order the swag bags,.)


On the morning of the event, we will deliver the swag bags, pre-assembled. We will assist in distributing the bags to authors.

What’s In It for You?


Organizers get to sit back, secure in the knowledge that they will have a swag bag to give to authors.

Service Providers

Service providers get to put their marketing material in front of potential clients at a minimal cost.


Authors get useful and cool swag, coupons for discounts on services, and information on services they might want to use.

Past Projects

We have supplied swag bags to the following events in 2019.

This list would be longer, but due to circumstances beyond our control, The Swag Bag Project is on hiatus. We hope to resume operation in late 2020.


The Swag Bag Project is the brainchild of Nate Hoffelder. He is a web designer who builds and fixes websites for authors.

You can find out more about Nate on his about page.

Let’s Start Something New!

If you would like to participate in The Swag Bag Project, fill out the form below. We will contact you shortly.

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