Free Downloads

Conventional wisdom states that I should offer a freebie to get you to sign up for my weekly newsletter, but I would much rather have you use my free resources and come to value my expertise.

That’s why I am happy to give away my freebies.

  • Are you in the middle of building your author website? Here’s a checklist for what to include.
  • If you are thinking about refreshing your site, here’s an 18-point checklist on things you might want to update or change.
  • Do you need a lead magnet? This guide covers useful formatting tips.
  • This media kit template will help you make sure you send all the relevant and useful info to event organizers or the press.
  • If you want to write a new author bio, this workbook and these slides will help you craft your message.

Nate helps me with WordPress technical work on my site, The Creative Penn. It’s fantastic to have someone working with me who understands authors and self-publishing, as well as how important my website is to my business. He works quickly and has made recommendations and changes that have benefited the site and I trust him to do a great job. I recommend Nate if you struggle with WordPress, or if you’re ready to outsource to someone who actually enjoys the technical side of being an indie.

– Joanna Penn

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