Here’s a sampling of what my customers are saying.

I write more due to Nate’s expertise. I don’t repair my own car or remove my own appendix. I refuse to spend hours resolving an issue with my WordPress site when Nate can resolve it in ten minutes. He made my site slicker, smoother, and more effective. Most importantly, I traded hours of frustration for hours of productive writing. Win-Win!

– Darren Sapp

Nate has been a blessing to us.  None of us know how to set up a website, nor do we want to learn.  Nate made the process super-easy and our site lovely to the eye.  We continue to work with him for regular updates and maintenance.  Communication and updates are accomplished at lightning speed.  We can’t recommend him highly enough.

Alice Gaines
Past president Bay Area Romance Writers

Nate completed a long-overdue website refresh project for me. I had been delaying having this work done for years because I was worried that it might be a painful experience. I need not have worried at all–working with Nate was so easy I wish I had contacted him sooner. Highly recommended!

– Brandon Massey

My business requires some heavy duty site plugins to work at all times. Nate makes sure my business runs at top speed. There’s nothing better than peace of mind.

– Bryan Cohen

I love the peace of mind I have working with Nate. When something in the WordPress ecosystem breaks my site, he discovers the cause and fixes it. When I break my site, he doesn’t tell me I’m an idiot. No, he fixes it and helps me learn what I need to learn. For me, it’s all about the peace of mind.

– Johanna Rothman

My author website was in bad shape and in desperate need of a re-do, and then I discovered Nate Hoffelder. There’s no better advertising than word of mouth so I wanted to sing his praises.

He took the mess that I created and made it into something so much better. Not only did he do great work, but he’s super fast, I mean like- responds in minutes fast. He was super easy to work with and was never offended if I didn’t like something that he created. His costs are reasonable and did I mention he’s super efficient?

– Lucinda Berry

THANK GOODNESS for people like Nate who will take us in paw, host our websites, and generally keep everything running in tippy top shape, and all for a reasonable price. I’ve been reading his The Digital Reader posts long enough to feel like he was someone who knows his stuff, and that he was someone I’d trust to keep my website safe and running optimally. I’m happy to have YourBrainonPandas hosted by his web hosting service available on Write Site.

Panda assessment of Nate’s services: 5 cuppycake rating, the highest rating that pandas bestow,

– Ann Belov

As an author and coach who attracts most of my business online, it’s essential that my websites are up-to-date, optimized and performing at their best. But I’m a writer and a people person, not a technician – so any time I spend on technical issues leads to frustration, and distracts me from writing and serving my clients.

Having Nate on my team means all of those technical problems are taken off my desk. Whether migrating sites, maintaining WordPress, optimizing for SEO, troubleshooting problems, liaising with tech support departments, or advising on the latest technologies, Nate is knowledgeable, efficient and reliable. While he is taking care of my sites, I’m free to get on with my real work.

– Mark McGuinness

A year. An entire year. That’s how picky I am. I waited a whole year, interviewing and working with all sorts of web designers until I found Nate by happenstance. Finally! He is more competent, responsive, and reasonable than any designer I’ve spoken or worked with. He may be self-taught, but he is proof that you can teach yourself something to the point of mastery. I will definitely be back and have already been recommending him to anyone I see struggling with their web design team.

– Jeffrey Krizman, The Mad Duck Coalition

Any time my site has a problem Nate fixes it within minutes. He provides an excellent service. Thanks, Nate!

– Remington Kane

The monthly support plan makes my life as an author and business owner so much easier. Malware, outdated links, new information to update – no stress, I just contact Nate. He’s saved me countless hours and made it simple to manage my websites.

– Lisa Lilly

Nate helps me with WordPress technical work on my site, The Creative Penn. It’s fantastic to have someone working with me who understands authors and self-publishing, as well as how important my website is to my business. He works quickly and has made recommendations and changes that have benefited the site and I trust him to do a great job. I recommend Nate if you struggle with WordPress, or if you’re ready to outsource to someone who actually enjoys the technical side of being an indie.

– Joanna Penn

Nate focused on details as he rebuilt my OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com website. He patiently focused on what I wanted and what I needed. He is a trustworthy expert and I am glad I found him. Theme selection, plug in selection, widgets and other design provided by Nate takes it easier for me to focus on plumbing and writing about plumbing. I agree with what the other client testimonials say. Also, if you read between the lines, I think you will see that Nate goes above and beyond what is expected of him. If you use Nate, I think you will be glad you did.

– Mike Quick

The Prelinger Library is deeply honored that Nate Hoffelder, has reached his long, strong arms all the way across the country to help us out. Since 2012 the Library’s website has languished in a gray zone in which only its most utterly essential function (the public open hours calendar) was regularly maintained. The site’s information pages, community pages, support pages, and collections pages had all been slowly developing maintenance problems that floated beyond the skill level possessed by the Library’s core volunteer squad.  On behalf of the thousands of people every year who visit our website, we are eternally grateful!

– Megan Prelinger

You know how you have a website designed and everything looks good at first? Then you use the site for a while and find out everything that doesn’t work. Your web developer wants to charge you a ridiculous fee to make those small changes, so you decide to just live with them.That’s where Nate comes in. Nate did exactly what I needed to my website. I knew I had too many plugins, but I didn’t know which ones I could delete and which ones I needed. He sorted them all out, and now I only have what I need. I didn’t know if my site was being backed up, and Nate did the research. Good news, it was, but now I know for certain.The best thing he did might sound small, but to me it was huge. On tablets and phones, the headings on my site were in this awful, unreadable script font. They were fine on desktops but looked awful on mobile devices. Nate fixed it so that the fonts look good on all devices. I had no idea where to even begin on that.Web developers want to redesign your site. Nate’s the one to call if you just want those annoying things fixed. Or to be sure your site is safe and secure.

– Juli Monroe

I want to “give a shout out” to Nate Hoffelder. This afternoon, I engaged him to fix a major booboo (the technical term) on one of my websites which had gone straight to a Hot, Fiery, Southern Region. He fixed it in record time and, therefore, could charge me half as much as first projected. I am grateful, as that site represents many years of work in pages and blogs. Thank you, Nate!

– Nancy Wyatt

I love having a blog, but I hate maintaining a website. Nate sweats the small stuff, so I don’t have to. Which frees me to do the things I am good at: writing, coaching, creating.

– Sheryl Gannett

Since we started working together, Nate has noticed things about my website that need to be improved. Other hosts have not done that. I feel that Nate is much more involved and interested in improving my sites whereas other hosts don’t seem to have the same concern.

 – Ruth Crowker


After my site was hacked last winter, I contacted a web security outfit to help me clean it up again, but I also knew I needed to find a new host. I’d followed Nate’s blog for years, and had interacted with him on Twitter. I’d reached out to him with another small website issue a couple years ago, and he was a big help. After that hack in January, I learned that he was providing hosting services, and I jumped to hire him. He made the transition smooth and easy for me, and I’ve had no problems since then. My site is small, and I don’t update it as frequently as I should, but even when I’m neglecting my website, I know Nate is taking care of it for me.

– Marie Manthe

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