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It belated occurred to me during the COVID-19 pandemic that if I had a page that documented what I could contribute to an event, I might get invited to speak at more conferences, author clubs, book festivals, and cons.

Here’s the quick version: I can be a panelist on a variety of topics ranging from marketing to the state of the publishing industry, and I can lead workshops on technical subjects. And yes, I do have experience both as a public speaker and as a panelist.

If that sounds good, click the button below to contact me. If not, read on.



I have been blogging about the book publishing industry for over a decade now. This has given me a unique outside perspective on the industry that can’t be matched. At the same time, since my audience consists of indie authors, I have had to stay on top of everything they might need to know.

This has equipped me to participate or moderate panels about a wide range of topics, including:


  • Marketing
  • Writing tools
  • Business planning for writers
  • Assembling a press kit
  • Social media best practices for writers
  • Getting press attention.



My strength is technical subjects. (Many of these are really more workshop topics than anything.) I can talk about how to:

  • Refresh an author site
  • Write marketing copy that sells
  • Be a better blogger
  • Sell from an author site
  • Design a home page
  • Write a social media bio
  • Respond to piracy
  • Get started with newsletters
  • Avoid getting scammed by vanity presses

My experience as a blogger has taught me how to research a topic and teach myself new tech skills so I could share what I have learned. If you need a technical subject explained to authors, there’s a good chance I already know a lot about it (unless Macs are involved, which I don’t have). And what I don’t know, I can learn.

Past Experience


In addition to giving five- and ten-minute talks at networking events, I have also spoken at:

  • DisCon III (2021, panelist)
  • Chicagoland EFA chapter (2021, panelist)
  • RWA Annual Conference (2021, speaker)
  • MWA Brain to Bookshelf Conference (2021, speaker)
  • RWA Annual Conference (2020, speaker)
  • ACES Annual Conference (2020, speaker)
  • Virginia Writers Club Symposium (2020, speaker)
  • Bookbaby’s Indie Author Conference (2018, panelist)
  • Rappahannock Writers Conference (2019, speaker)
  • Northern Virginia Writers Club (2018, 2019, and 2020, speaker)
  • Hanover Writers Club (2019, speaker)
  • The Career Author Summit (2020, speaker)
  • Chesapeake Writers Conference (2019, speaker)
  • Jame River Writers Conference (2020, Shoptalk presenter)
  • Chessiecon (2020, panelist)
  • IBPA webinar (March 2021, speaker)

I have been a guest on a number of podcasts and livestreams, including:

  • D2D Spotlight (May 2020, guest)
  • Write Hot podcast (2018, guest)
  • SF&F Marketing podcast (2017, guest)
  • LeanPub’s Frontmatter podcast (2018, guest)

As a matter of fact, this list should be at least 3 times as long, but I am still combing through my records to find all my guest spots. (I didn’t have the foresight to keep better records, alas.)

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