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If you just need a easy, simple, professional site, you’ve come to the right place. I can build you a one-page author website for $399, and I can install it on almost any hosting company.

Quick and Painless

Websites for Authors

Are you an author just starting out?

Are you unhappy with your present website, or need a new site for a new pen name?

Building a website is difficult. There are a hundred details such as design decisions to make, software to install, and services that have to be connected to the site.

This can be overwhelming, which is why I created a service called Author’s First Website.


Who am I?

(I am camera shy)

My name is Nate Hoffelder. I work with authors to build their careers using websites that turn visitors into fans.

I usually charge a lot more than $399 to build a website, but I know that not everyone can afford (or needs) a big website, so I created Author’s First Website to help new authors get started on their career.

I have been working with WordPress since 2010, and I built my first author website in 2016. I have a lot of experience and technical know-how. But I’m not just setting you up and saying so long; I am here to help with any technical questions or difficulties you encounter along the way. My job is to help you succeed. And I take that job very seriously!

Quick and Painless

How It Works

I have created a few single page author site templates which look great, have all the basic parts you need in an author website, and don’t require a lot of upkeep. Pick one, and I will set it up for you.

Click on the screenshots at right to see the templates in action.

Or, you can visit one of the sites listed below and see one of these templates in use.

The way this works is that as soon as I get your payment, I will contact you and ask for key details about your site. I will also ask you to set up an admin account for me. (If you don’t have hosting yet, I can help make that happen.)

Once I have set up the theme, I will ask you for info such as your author bio, headshot, and your book covers.

I will add your info to the site, and then customize the fonts, background images, and colors to match your genre, and answer any questions you may have.

Ready to take the next step?

Send me a message, and I will answer any questions.


Common Questions

What do I need to get started?
Here’s a list of what I will ask you for. It’s best if you have all or at least most of it ready to go.

  • book title
  • pen name
  • book cover
  • blurb
  • author headshot
  • author bio
  • reviews (optional)
What if I need more help?
Send me an email. I also have a more expensive package which includes a year of hosting and updates.
What if I need hosting?
I heartily recommend PeoplesHost.com. I have my server there, and they are great!
Can I host the site on my Sqauarespace/Weebly/ Wix account?
AFW is built using WordPress, and can only be hosted with a company that offers WordPress.org hosting.
I don't know how to choose a domain name.
I can help you choose one (www.FirstLastAuthor.com is a safe choice).
What theme do you use?
I’ll build your site with Divi. Not only will it look good but it will be easy for you to add pages later.
What plugins are included?
I will install 3 plugins: Bloom, Yoast, and All in One WP Security. Your security, SEO, and mailing list needs will be covered just as soon as you set up the plugins.
How long does it usually take to build the site?
My turnaround time is 96 hours from start to finish – if you have your info ready to go.
What if I don't want a blog?
I can hide that section, or remove it completely. In fact, I can remove any part of the template.which you don’t want to use.
The fonts are ugly.
I can change them! I just need you to tell me what to use instead.
What if I run into technical issues with my new site?
Just send me an email and I’ll help. I know websites can be technically tricky, and I am here to offer support.
I don't like the background images!
If you will provide me with alternate images, I will replace them. I might also be able to suggest replacements that look more like your genre,
What about SSL?
I will take care of it. (With some hosts there may be an additional charge.)
What if I want to add more pages?
You can build the pages yourself using Divi, or you can use one of the many free templates! (You can also hire me to build the additional pages.)

what clients are saying


A year. An entire year. That’s how picky I am. I waited a whole year, interviewing and working with all sorts of web designers until I found Nate by happenstance. Finally! He is more competent, responsive, and reasonable than any designer I’ve spoken or worked with. He may be self-taught, but he is proof that you can teach yourself something to the point of mastery. I will definitely be back and have already been recommending him to anyone I see struggling with their web design team.
—Jeffrey Krizman
My author website was in bad shape and in desperate need of a re-do, and then I discovered Nate Hoffelder. There’s no better advertising than word of mouth so I wanted to sing his praises.

He took the mess that I created and made it into something so much better. Not only did he do great work, but he’s super fast, I mean like- responds in minutes fast. He was super easy to work with and was never offended if I didn’t like something that he created. His costs are reasonable and did I mention he’s super efficient?

—Lucinda Berry
Nate focused on details as he rebuilt my OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com website. He patiently focused on what I wanted and what I needed. He is a trustworthy expert and I am glad I found him. Theme selection, plug in selection, widgets and other design provided by Nate takes it easier for me to focus on plumbing and writing about plumbing. I agree with what the other client testimonials say. Also, if you read between the lines, I think you will see that Nate goes above and beyond what is expected of him. If you use Nate, I think you will be glad you did.
—Mike Quick

Get in touch

Are you ready to get started? Can I answer any of your questions?

If you have questions, I have answers.


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