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A freelancer’s website isn’t just a website. It’s a marketing tool which can get them their next client.


But how do you do that?

(I am camera shy)


Hi, My Name is Nate Hoffelder.

I am a blogger turned web designer who sees the world as a series of problems to be solved. But let’s not talk about me; let’s talk about your website.

Your Website


The top three requirements for a freelancer’s website are pretty straightforward. The site needs to sell potential clients on the freelancer’s ability and record. It also needs to load quickly, and present a professional appearance.

And finally, the site has to turn visitors into clients.

In marketing circles, this is called the customer’s journey.


Sell You as a Brand


Look Good, and Load Fast


Complete the Customer's Journey

All clients went on a customer’s journey on their way to becoming clients. The paths differ, but all clients started out not knowing anything about a freelancer, and they all eventually decided to hire the freelancer.


In fact, you’re on a customer’s journey right now. It started at the top of this page when I described your website as a marketing tool. It continued when I introduced myself, and explained the goals your website should have.

The trick to creating a customer’s journey which turns visitors into your clients is to ask yourself what you would show or say to a potential client to win them over.

One effective step in a customer’s journey is to share


As an author and coach who attracts most of my business online, it’s essential that my websites are up-to-date, optimized and performing at their best. But I’m a writer and a people person, not a technician – so any time I spend on technical issues leads to frustration, and distracts me from writing and serving my clients. Having Nate on my team means all of those technical problems are taken off my desk.

Mark McGuinness

Nate helps me with WordPress technical work on my site, The Creative Penn. It’s fantastic to have someone working with me who understands authors and self-publishing, as well as how important my website is to my business. He works quickly and has made recommendations and changes that have benefited the site and I trust him to do a great job. I recommend Nate if you struggle with WordPress, or if you’re ready to outsource to someone who actually enjoys the technical side of being an indie.

Joanna Penn

A year. An entire year. That’s how picky I am. I waited a whole year, interviewing and working with all sorts of web designers until I found Nate by happenstance. Finally! He is more competent, responsive, and reasonable than any designer I’ve spoken or worked with. I will definitely be back and have already been recommending him to anyone I see struggling with their web design team.

Jeffrey Krizman

The Mad Duck Coalition

Another effective step is explaining how you are the solution to one of the visitor’s problems. You could also mention your services page, and let the visitor find the solution they need there.

Still undecided?

You might want to check out the services I offer.

You might also give the visitor free content in the form of a lead magnet or a course.

Or, perhaps you’d like to see my portfolio?


The goal of the customer’s journey concept is to convince them to work with you.


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