Art Projects

When I am not building websites or volunteering, I like to design stuff just for fun. Here are a few of my projects.

Con T-shirts

Starting in late 2022, I have been designing con t-shirts for a fictional SF con set on Larry Niven’s Ringworld. I have designed 5 shirts as of May 2023. (click to embiggen)

Badge Ribbons

Every so often I get bored and create another badge ribbon design. I have created several dozen original designs at this point; here is some of my work. (click to embiggen)

Con Badges

I haven’t had a chance to do it very often, but one thing I love to do is design con badges. The following gallery shows two of the designs I produced. I also have a number of draft designs that never made it into production; due to the volume of images, I thought it best to share them as PDFs:


Flower Arrangements

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