Are you looking for a (virtual) speaker for your author group? What about a sponsor, advertiser, or exhibitor?


The Speaker Bureau is the solution to your problem.

Who This Project is For

The Speaker Bureau was conceived by book industry news blogger, author consultant, and web designer Nate Hoffelder shortly after he was elected president of Riverside Writers Club in Fredericksburg, VA. He created it so that author group organizers like him could find experts they can invite to speak to their author groups via Zoom, but later expanded the focus to include sponsorship, advertising, exhibiting, and other opportunities.

This project is an independent community resource for author event organizers as well as those interested in writing, publishing, and book discussions more generally. There is no charge for the service, although organizers are free to charge for their sponsor or advertiser opportunity, or pay a speaking fee if they wish to do so.

It is open to all who want to address groups of authors virtually. Those who are seeking to get the attention of authors are invited to sign up to be notified via a mailing list. Organizers are welcome to submit info about their event, which will be sent out to the list.

This project was originally created as a spreadsheet, but after two years it was turned into a mailing list because experience had shown that was the best way for organizers to find the sponsors, speakers, etc they are looking for.

How This Works

1, Speakers sign up for the Marketing Opportunities mailing list.

2, Organizers submit info about their event, including what they are looking for and how they want to be contacted.

3, About once a month to once a quarter, that info will be sent out to the mailing list.

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