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This project was conceived by a web designer named Nate Hoffelder shortly after he was elected president of Riverside Writers Club in Fredericksburg, VA. He created it so that author group organizers like him could find the  experts they can invite to speak in front of their author groups.

It is open to all experts who want to speak in front of a group of authors. The experts are welcome to submit their contact info and a list of topics. This info will be added to a list of speakers, and that list will be shared with organizers who can then choose which speakers they want to contact.

This project is organized and sponsored solely by Nate Hoffelder. It currently exists in the form of a spreadsheet, but there are plans to eventually turn that into a database in a site where speakers can list their bios, contact info, summaries of their talks, etc.

There is no charge for either organizers or speakers for this service; Nate see it as a community resource. (If speakers want to charge for their presentation, that is between them and organizers.)

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