Say goodbye to all your tech troubles.

Let me handle them while you focus on your next book.

Are you overwhelmed by tech?

You’re an author building your career. You need a website. And a mailing list. And social media.

But you’re confused by technical details – you’re a writer, not an engineer.

What does that error message mean? Why does the text hang off the screen? And why aren’t your newsletters getting seen?

So your website sits there, broken.  Your forms aren’t adding new addresses to your mailing list. Potential fans are wandering away unimpressed, never to return.

Let me take care of your tech for you.

I’ll make sure your website is running in tip-top condition, and that your welcome emails are going out on schedule.

I’ll help you understand this new tech you want to plug into your site, or Facebook, or Twitter, etc.

And if something breaks, I’ll figure out what went wrong and make sure it gets fixed.

Hi, I’m Nate Hoffelder

I am a shy and geeky stay-at-home web developer and founder of The Digital Reader, an independent digital publishing news blog for authors and readers.

In 2010, I launched (and continue to run it to this day) The Digital Reader as a blog and built it into a publication that regularly breaks industry news, while at the same time I taught myself all the tech skills required to maintain, protect, and update the site and connect it to various online services such as analytics.

Let me take what I’ve learned and use it to solve your tech problems.

Here are a few words from happy clients.

Joanna Penn:

Nate helps me with WordPress technical work on my site, The Creative Penn. It’s fantastic to have someone working with me who understands authors and self-publishing, as well as how important my website is to my business. He works quickly and has made recommendations and changes that have benefited the site and I trust him to do a great job. 

Lucinda Berry

My author website was in bad shape and in desperate need of a re-do, and then I discovered Nate Hoffelder. There’s no better advertising than word of mouth so I wanted to sing his praises.

He took the mess that I created and made it into something so much better. Not only did he do great work, but he’s super fast, I mean like- responds in minutes fast. 

Nancy Wyatt

I want to “give a shout out” to Nate Hoffelder. This afternoon, I engaged him to fix a major booboo (the technical term) on one of my websites which had gone straight to a Hot, Fiery, Southern Region. He fixed it in record time and, therefore, could charge me half as much as first projected. I am grateful, as that site represents many years of work in pages and blogs. Thank you, Nate!

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