Website Care Plans

Website Concierge

My Website Concierge service is designed for the author who wants the peace of mind of knowing that an expert is handling their website.

The service includes:

  • Daily backups,
  • Software updates,
  • Plugin installation,
  • Bug fixes,
  • Speed and image optimization (on request),
  • Installing scripts, and
  • Content updates.

This service also includes two premium plugin licenses, WP Rocket and Cleantalk. One makes your site load super fast, and the other is a comprehensive solution to spam (including your contact form). They would cost you $57 per year, but I include them for free.

The Website Concierge service costs $50 per month per site. (A sample contract is available on request.)

Website Concierge Plus

My Website Concierge Plus service includes all of the features of the basic service, plus one important addition.

Not only will I help you keep your website up and running, I will also provide tech support for any service connected to your website. This includes mailing lists, email, analytics, and so on.

The only real limitation is that you have to be able to share access to your account with the service in question.

The Plus service costs $100 per month per site. (A sample contract is available on request.)

Virtual IT

Do you knw what’s even better than having some take care of everything connected to your author website?

It’s having someone who will provide tech support for any and all of the services you use online. No, seriously, I mean any service.

There are two limitations to this service. The first is that I have to be able to access any relevant account. The other is that I probably cannot support Apple products (I don’t own a Mac).

My Virtual IT service costs $1,000 per month.

Please contact me to discuss which service is right for you.

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