Morning Coffee – 29 April 2024

by Nate Hoffelder

After a decade of running The Digital Reader, Nate is a veteran web publisher with experience in design, maintenance, recovery, and troubleshooting. What little he doesn't know, he can learn.

April 29, 2024

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

  • How a book _really_ becomes a movie/series.
  • It is disappointing that we’re in 2024 and someone is still comparing the environmental impact of ereaders versus paper books.  (most ebook reading is on a tablet or phone, not an ereader)
  • Ed Zitron digs into why Google search has grown less useful and less pleasant to use over the years.
  • The “debate” over whether Shakespeare wrote his plays continues.
  • Beware Godaddy.
  • Robert Diab doubts whether the current form of AI will ever replace human writing.
  • The reason I say “current form” is that at this time the term AI is merely a marketing label which has been slapped on something. The tech under the label should correctly be called large language models. LLM is basically software which is really good at guessing, but that is all it is. LLM will probably never get beyond that, but whatever gets called AI next might do more than merely guess.

P.S. This is your semi-annual reminder not to use a branded email address ([email protected]) as the contact for your Amazon, FB, Paypal, or other accounts.  Just this morning I gained control of someone’s defunct Google account because their old email address is on Hoffelder.com, which I have owned for about two years now.

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