Monday Morning Coffee – 7 February 2022

by Nate Hoffelder

After a decade of running The Digital Reader, Nate is a veteran web publisher with experience in design, maintenance, recovery, and troubleshooting. What little he doesn't know, he can learn.

February 7, 2022

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

  • The AAP reports that the legacy publishing industry ebook revenues fell almost 5% in the US in 2021.  This is being misreported as representing the market and or the entire industry, and not just the subset of the book publishing industry which sends revenue data to the AAP.
  • Beware Wattpad’s contest terms. 
  • Here is a search engine for finding weird public domain books
  • If you want to make your character seem clueless about tech or out of date, here are 25 web tech terms to put in their mouth
  • I tried to come up with something to say about this post on writer’s block, but could not
  • Amazon is raising the price of Amazon Prime service to $139.  Given that you get a lot less for it now than you used to, now is a good time to let the subscription lapse.
  • Most articles on the topic of computer-generated audiobooks are rather shallow. This Wired piece gets pretty deep into the current state of the tech, and market penetration. 
  • Speaking of which, I’ve been looking at this topic for the past couple months, and my take is that CG audiobooks are to narrators what automatically formatted ebooks are to human ebook formatters. Those cheaply formatted ebooks are good enough for the market, and CG audiobooks are almost at that point. We will see adoption spread once they get good enough.

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