In the olden days, businesses had to take out a big ad in the Yellow Pages in order to catch a customer's eye, but in the 21st century that no longer works because no one uses the Yellow pages any more. Customers have all gone online, and they all now use Google.

That's why Google created Google My Business listing, one of the search result info widgets that Google shows to the right of the organic search results.

This is a free service that has essentially replaced the Yellow Pages now that we’ve all moved online. Unfortunately, most small business owners aren’t managing their Google My Business listing, or don’t have one at all. Most local Virginia small businesses we audited recently had Google My Business listing that were incomplete, out of date, or had never even been created.

What happens when we Google the services you offer, or the type of business you own? Does your business show up, or will we see your competitors?

Try it right now – if you own an accounting firm, Google “accountants nearby.”

  • Is your listing up to date?
  • Is there a pin on the map (if you have an office)?
  • Does your listing appear in the top three shown for your type of business?
  • Do you have positive reviews from your clients?

If your listing isn’t well managed, Google won’t display it when someone searches for "dentist nearby", or "lawyer in Lorton". And if you can’t find you, neither can your customer.

Luckily for you, I can help. I can make, update, and repair Google My Business listings

I can fix your Google My Business listing, or create one for you, and I can also manage your listing at a low monthly charge.

Here's what I'll do when you hire us:

  1. Complete listing (hours, category, service radius, etc.)
  2. Add profile, logo, and banner images
  3. Upload 6-10 "at work" images
  4. Link your Google Plus page with your GMB listing
  5. Create a custom Google Review link
  6. Verify listing with Google
  7. Provide 30 minute training with manager on managing the GMB

Just fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you ASAP.